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UX Designer’s guide to fight Covid-19 B.1.617 variant

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Covid-19 latest mutation B.1.617 is taking it’s toll in India and neighbouring Nepal. Most of the corona virus infected (about 80%) tend to recover in 5-7 days after just developing flu like symptoms. However, for the remaining cases, the virus tends to cause symptoms that could be severe, and may even lead to death.


With lot of information floating around we were finding it difficult to get the complete picture about latest variant of Covid-19. We decided to take it on ourselves to put various pieces of the puzzle together.


Our team of designers spent lot of time going over publicly available information and fact checking with doctors in the network to come up with a Infographic to fight Covid-19 (B.1.617 – India variant).

Covid -19 Symptom Timeline & What to do guide

Download PDF Version – ENG


I hope you folks find this useful. Drop a note to [email protected] if you would like to share any tips/corrections.


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