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We're India’s top UX agency with the extensive domain knowledge of the MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT sector.


Buzz, breaking news, video, audio or feature stories, our top-notch web design and development help headlines stand out.


Crafting design, style and content of a movie website that reflects visitor expectations, and pique interest about the movie.

User Experience

Building an experience that give users what they are looking for and keep them engaged and entertained at the same time.

Creative Services

Delivering performance and creativity across all projects, whether it's a banner ads, marketing collateras, rich media or video.


Complete travel experience featuring the expert advice, travel tips, and best bargains on airfares, lodging, car rentals.


Innovative sports experience to take people where the action is via live scores, on-demand news, expert analysis and more.

RWD & Progressive
Web Apps

Combining the best of the web and app world to create an experience that's entertaining and fun at the same time.


Get real users to evaluate the usability of website or application to understand the value of product and actual performance.


UX/UI Inspirations & Case Studies overcoming the challenges in the Media Industry

Townsquare Media

Townsquare Media

Best radio experience for smartphones

Townsquare media wanted to reinvent radio experience and we helped them in becoming the digital epicenter of small town USA from a traditional radio station. We teamed up to create an all-in-one personalized radio app for mobile phones. It plays live music from over 220+ local stations and also streams content such as news, videos, photo galleries and audios from the nearest local stations.

NDTV Movies

NDTV Movies

Reinvented the OLD wheel

Helped NDTV during a crucial Oscar season and added a jazz to their ancient looking movie review website while scaling it up to handle the rush of Oscars. Added kickass visuals and usability features to bring freshness to its boring review pages.

Star Sports

Star Sports

Kick-starting the mobile journey

Star Sports wanted to capture the mobile audience during the crucial IPL season. Mobile app, developed in record time, has set a new standard of excellence for user experience with innovative design and user-centered functionality. The intelligent features such as Live Feed, simplified score cards and Match Center drove an excitement around the app that resulted in 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

Think Fiend

Think Fiend

How difficult is it to find excellent content.

ThinkFiend believes in finding great content without the noise and we helped them in tapping the power of existing content and customize it for the audience via Machine Learning. With the help of deep insights gained by passive Machine Learning techniques, ThinkFiend can customize articles based on user’s interests.

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