the brand

Flipkart is #1 online shopping destination for India, founded in 2007 by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal. Flipkart offers over 20 million products across 70+ categories.

the brief

Flipkart was going through a major business model shift of moving to a marketplace model. The success of this model depended upon, onboarding of new merchants into the system. Flipkart approached INKONIQ as we had already engaged with them on various other initiatives.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of shortcomings of existing seller portal.
  • Identify different user personas to be able to fine tune the messaging.
  • Design and develop the new seller portal.

Research & insights

100+ interviews across 5 locations.

User interviews

We set out to interview about 100+ sellers to find out an overall awareness of the portal existence, understanding of the process, benefits of the platform and support system available to them.

500+ responses received.

Online Survey

Surveys are always an efficient way to get a quick feedback, when meeting in person is not possible. This allowed us to quickly get the pulse of sellers pan India.

100+ interviews across 5 locations.

Heuristic Evaluation

Identified usability issues in the user design through Heuristic Evaluation.

Exhaustive benchmarking of three major eCommerce giants

Competitor Benchmarking

This helped in assessing the strengths and weakness of product, when compared with the existing competitive products in the market.

Highs and lows of the journey

Customer Journey Map

Customer Journey map helped us plot the highs and lows of sellers while dealing with eCommerce marketplaces.

3 major personas identified

Persona Definition

Personas helped designers to get into the shoes of the user. We identified 10 broader personas and were further able to narrow down it to one primary and two secondary personas.

user experience

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Drupal was the platform of choice considering the enterprise grade scalability and security. Content Management System like drupal also helped in cutting down the time required to get the website up and running compared to custom development.


"INKONIQ has teamed up with Flipkart to map their digital presence and created a self-served portal that has saved endless manpower hours wasted earlier in gathering seller information manually. Going digital has helped Flipkart engage with new sellers in a much better way and resulted in a 200% footfall increase. It has fetched a lot of critical acclaim and have its B2B brand image a major boost."