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Print Media Lovers Are Embracing the Digital Reality

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Taking print media to digital is the way to hit mass audience

Morning newspaper over a cup of caffeine is a habit for many. But wait… do you think smartphones are taking our habit away? With the rise of smart devices, newspapers might soon become a sweet memory from the past.

Internet has revolutionized the world, but print media is still stuck in 20th century. Some media giants are quick to embrace the digital change, but there are many who have invited the print media apocalypse upon them.

The advertising revenues are drying up for print media and readers are moving towards the digital platforms.With the growing digital media consumption, smartphones will make way for the Gen-Z devices and therefore, going digital is the next logical step for print media.

Print vs. Digital Dilemma: Why Digital Better?

Going digital is more cost effective than sustaining in a digital free environment. Creating, managing, selling and distributing digital content is easier, faster and cut costs significantly by simplifying production. Building websites and mobile apps is a single time investment and then they sail smoothly thereafter. Content stream is also getting infiltrated by more individuals and enterprises than ever.

Digital media delivers rich reading experience with better graphics and fonts along with portability comfort. It boosts higher interactivity and promotes conversational culture, leading to open debates on social media channels. Going digital brings you an active community of readers and contributors who like to interact with the content, respond and challenge opinions of authors and other readers. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest provide additional exposure to stories.

Unlocking Digital Advertising

Digital media provides flexibility of serving multiple ads in a single advertising space, targeting different audience and enables readers to engage with ads more effectively. In addition to this, there’s tracking and analytics to find out the kind of content that grabs readers’ attention, liked and shared by them. With surveys, you can actually find about reader’s experience, what they enjoy and what are their pain points while accessing content. This information can be leveraged to optimize content, increase readership and monetize new revenue streams through sponsorship content and native ads.

Choosing the right blend of subscription and advertising will create dual revenue streams for media companies. The rise of digital subscriptions will push publishers, platforms, and advertisers to focus more on user experience and improve the quality of content.

We’re the New Face of Media

There was a time where media strongly affected our life; our choices, our news and our opinions. But with the ever growing popularity of the Internet and social media, we’re now the new face of media. We get breaking news from people like us over the social network and not through the television sets, forget about catching news for the first time in the morning newspapers.

Change Is on the Horizon

Paper to digital is just the first move, but staying up-to date with technology is critical. The Web continues to evolve with new technologies and cross devices shaping up the face of modern websites and mobile apps. Static websites gave way for interactive website, responsive websites and now the device aware websites that can change their shape based on the devices.

Leading print media giants are waking up to the technology call to hit the mass audience. But many media folks still stuck up with the grandma approach. There’s no other cure left for them other than going digital or else they will die.