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How to Monetize Your Content Quickly with InstaPublish

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It’s hard to define the success of print media, sometimes one breaking news can turn the fortunes for a media company and sometimes an experiment with a different kind of genre, language or market. Before you break your head in planning your future goals, it’s really important to understand the strategy and proven experiments by mature players of mature markets.

Whenever we try to understand the pain points of any print media company, it’s really hard to miss the desperate need to hit the mass audience and that’s where we decided to throw more light and help you find a solution to it.

Localization is Too Small to Experiment

Mostly print media reach is limited to a city, state, or country for a national daily. And that’s where globalization came to rescue. The problem with localization is that they had access to limited users and to influence the market, they have to publish same content in multiple languages, in turn, requires more workforce and money. Digital gives you a chance to cater to global audience, a big enough reader segment and find the impact of news.

Hit the Mass Audience with the Power of Sharing

It’s a social media world out here, sharing is a breeze with digital. Readers not only have access to multiple publications, they now are more active in sharing and voicing their opinions about what they like and dislike about the news that interest them. It’s instant feedback thing and analytics can be employed to improve the quality of content and focus on popular categories.

Publishing is Tough

Publishing is not an easy task, content generation is only a small part of it. There’s infrastructure involved, then maintaining a huge workforce to tackle the journey of a newspaper from printing to finally reaching reader’s doorstep.There are other big expenses as well that make print media, a more expensive option to maintain than digital.


Achieving the right print and digital mix is still a challenge for many magazines and newspapers. Some newspapers are reducing home delivery subscriptions and pushing readers to digital editions. Many magazines are shutting their print publications entirely to focus on growing digital opportunities. Why are they doing so? Because digital gives you a better opportunity to monetize your content with advertising and subscription management.


News is to create awareness, a social service; but publishers, writers, and workers have to earn bread and butter as well. Advertising has a better shelf life with digital, there’s images, videos, audios and much more to drag your reader’s attention to promotional content. Online shopping has become a norm and shifting to digital forms of advertising are the best way to reach out to your audience and have a better interaction, providing them a better service.

Subscription Model

The print business relied only on advertising for revenues. But subscriptions are the powerful part of your revenue strategy. Subscriptions allow publishers to turn to consumers to bolster their lagging revenues with the different print and digital subscription rates. With subscription, you can also offer your audience different models and did a quick comparative testing on what they find more relevant. It also gives you a chance to add the effective call to action buttons to sell subscriptions through the app.

Now you know taking your publications digital is much more than just creating an app. You can’t walk on the digital path with a blindfold on. Joining the gang of digital movers should not be your aim, but monetizing your content and reaping benefits out of it.

However, strategizing a foolproof plan in moving digital will take up a lot of time. Don’t worry, your savior InstaPublish is here. It’s a ready to use platform to go mobile. It’s a complete package from backend CMS to native iOS and Android apps. You just have to pick your template – Publish content – Pick your monetization model and VOILA! You are ready to go LIVE.