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Best UX Design Articles of October Every Designer Should Read

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From design predictions to tips for teaching design, from designing a perfect logo to analyzing the UX strategies of US Presidential candidates, October turned out to be a very good month for high quality UX design and development articles. In case, you’ve missed out on the pieces that caught world’s attention throughout October, then RELAX! We’ve rounded up the top five must-read articles of the month, so you don’t miss a beat!

20 essential CSS tricks every designer should know

20 css tricks
CSS is tricky, but important! Website may be built upon HTML, JavaScript and PHP, but CSS is your best bet when it comes to website layouts, colors, sizes and typography. The Web Designer Depot article has a list of tricks that will make life easier for web architects.

The Future Of UX Is Here, And It’s Taking Personalization To A Whole New Level

The future that we hold is so unclear! Yes, it’s so difficult to predict future and far more difficult to predict the future of our digital experiences. Forbes strikes the right chord with readers while forecasting the future of UX to be dynamic, intuitive, personal and hell yeah… creepy.

Promoting UX in a Non Friendly Environment

promoting UX
UX expert’s role is quite complex and multifaceted. UX is not a new term, but still, experts find it challenging to change an organization’s mindset towards UX. This Usabilla article has a number of interesting tips and tricks to make someone recognize the importance of UX.

Design Principles: Introduction To Hierarchy

Why we feel so confused when a hierarchy is not defined? The UX Planet article explores the basics of visual hierarchy and how size, color, shape, orientation and other tools establish hierarchy and direct the users to the most important information.

The Ultimate Guide to Chatbots: Why they’re disrupting UX and best practices for building

Artificial conversational interfaces, bots, talk bots or chatterboxes, different names but all the same. Chatbots are the new hottie of design and Joe Toscano’s article is no doubt a fine guide to the world of conversation interfaces and how it disrupts the user experience.
Wait… we are not far behind.

7 UX Design Trends to Watch out for in 2017

How are you and your business going to cope up with the ever changing happenings of the world of the web and mobile experience? Stay updated with our article on the new and emerging UX design trends, to shape up the future strategies of your business.