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Like Nothing I’ve Seen

Travelling has become more like a therapy than passion nowadays. Everyone is tired of the busy work life and how monotonous it’s getting day by day. People travel because they need an escape from reality, to get a little time in their own world. Who would like to burst their head thinking about how to plan their trip and that’s where travel apps come in handy.

Sometimes you get stuck with different apps for different states. Imagine if you are hopping multiple countries in Europe, you should have tons of apps and all of them burning your smartphone space, data and your head.

How ‘We’ Deal with It

Most of the people who use travel apps nowadays are between the age group of 18- 35, and they are the generation who like to see and do things in a simple way. These group includes students, amatuer photographers, wanderlusts, to sports freaks and bikers. The interest in exploring new places and culture is becoming a trend for these people and they tend to set out on a journey on their bikes or cars visiting multiple countries at the same time. So let’s take a look at what problems traveller’s are facing and how GEN-Z apps can help in providing the best:

  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc uses the location of the user. Why not leverage this? Here’s a thought; while you are travelling to US, and have taken a Lufthansa flight and you have checked in any of these social media. What if the ideal travel app that you have in your smartphone gives you information on people you know, travelling in the same flight, and gives you a chance to plan your trip along with them or even escape from them. 😉
  • Its an obvious fact that you would know where to visit once you have planned a trip, but definitely you can run into frauds who might take advantage of the less knowledge that you have about the city and the language, chances are that you waste your time and money. What if one single app like Google Maps can show you where to find a guide and the fare details, and stuff like that? There, you just saved a lot of your smartphone space.
  • Apps like Zomato, and GateGuru etc are the favorite apps for foodies around the world. But you hardly get time to check all of them during your travel. What if your travel app can remind you during your meal times about an affordable, tasty and healthy food joint near to you? Oh, who doesn’t like being taken care of. 😉
  • Travellers who set out on a road trip on their bikes often find it difficult to spot a repair shop, or a bike accessory shop near to them. There are times even when we are in a city and we are in need of a bike. That’s a lot of apps , for renting, repair and others. What if your travel app helps you find other bikers to give you company, finds you rental places and repair shops with just one click?

One Single Hop

Situations are countless where multiple travel apps are giving you headache and you just wish you had a perfect solution, where you can have access to food, transport, stay, guidance, recreation etc, in just one app.

People like to be pampered no matter what age they are or the culture they come from. These are leisure trips and it’ll be a disaster if they have to download hundreds of apps for each and everything , every time they visit some new place. Now the future of travel apps lies in three things — social travel planning, getting deals and experience localisation– which sums up to the expectations of the travel freaks and that’s the perfect solution for travel industry.